Who The Event Is For

Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • U.S. Insurance Carriers
  • Canadian Insurance Carriers
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Software / App Developers 

With The Following Job Titles:

  • Heads of Auto Insurance
  • Chiefs Underwriting Officer
  • Chiefs of Actuarial Officer
  • Pricing Actuary
  • Heads of Analytics
  • Managers of Emerging Risks
  • Managers of Auto Risk
  • Heads of Pricing
  • Heads of Innovation 


  • Insurance Brokers & Intermediaries
  • Consulting Firms
  • Claims Specialists
  • Law Firms
  • Price Comparison Websites
  • Third Party Administrators

Insights From Insurers, Vehicle OEMs & Regulators


Alexander McGinley

Vice President, U.S. Marine

XL Catlin Insurance


Robert Cleveland

Product Manager

Bankers Insurance


Ian Wright


Tesla Motors


David Zuby

EVP and Chief Research Officer

Insurance Institute For Highway Safety


Alex Epstein

Senior Director, Digital Strategy & Content

National Safety Council


Robert Peterson


Center For Insurance Law & Regulation

Driverless Technologies Insurance North America 2016

How Do Insurance Models Need to Evolve to Be Relevant in a World of Driverless Vehicles? 

From emergency automatic braking to distance control systems, the way we drive is moving towards assisted driving. With leading OEMs completely invested in the technological evolution towards driverless vehicles, autonomous technologies are being implemented every day, drawing the automotive industry closer to full autonomy.

This transition from assisted driving to fully autonomous vehicles is having a remarkable impact on the current auto insurance business model. With personal liability gradually transforming into product liability, it is vital for insurance carriers to understand where liability sits in the context of driverless vehicles.

The Driverless Technologies Insurance North America 2016 will bring together leading North American insurance carriers, OEMs, Regulators, Researchers and service providers to gain clarity on how the progressive implementation of autonomous driving technologies will impact auto insurance business models, both in the private auto and commercial vehicles space.

Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 will bring together leading auto insurance specialists and vehicle manufacturers, with the objective of:

  • Setting a roadmap from today to full autonomy - Identifying the stages of technological development over the coming years, and determining where liability lies during the transition period
  • Getting clarity on the capabilities and limitations of driver assistance systems - knowing how they impact risk assessments
  • Understanding legislative developments - Clarifying how the sharing of data will impact the adoption and influence of driver assistance technologies
  • Examining how an increased use of driver assistance technologies will impact claims - Understanding the impact on claims frequency, claims severity and claims processes, and how this will feed through to pricing and rates

Gain Clarity

Key Areas Covered In-Depth

  • What Is The Pace Of Adoption? Learn When Majority Of Vehicles On Road Will Be Driverless And How Will This Impact The Revenue Of The Insurance Carriers
  • Discussing The Foreseeable Impacts On Risk, Pricing And Claims
  • Liability : Understand At Which Stage Personal Liability Turns Into Product Liability
  • How are insurers going to deal with establishing liability when they don't know who has control over the vehicle?
  • Who is going to be holding the liability: Would it be the manufacturer of the car or the driver?
  • Impact On Pricing And Claims : A Lot Of Pricing And Claims Handling Is Based On Historical Data: Learn What Assumptions To Make For Driverless Cars
  • Assisted Driving Technologies : Inform Risk Classification, Premium Pricing And Claims Handling Decision By Assessing Collision Avoidance, Active Steering, Automatic Emergency Braking Systems And Cruise Control

Live Streaming



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